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Hitleap Review – Get Free Traffic To Your Website or Blog

Hitleap Review – Get Free Traffic To Your Website or Blog


Website traffic is important especially if you own a website which needs traffic almost every day for revenue. One way of generating traffic from your site is thru entering a traffic exchange site one example of these traffic exchange sites is HITLEAP. In registering for an account in hitleap.com, you can start earning points by visiting other user’s sites, these points you earned are used for traffic to be provided to your site. Unlike any other traffic exchange site, hitleap provides easier exchanges, in which the user can easily earn points by just running their app the hitleap viewer. In running the software, the user simply leaves it running thru the desktop earning minutes for his site to be visited. One good side also of hitleap viewer is that you can run it through vps (virtual private server), 24/7 exchanges earning more minutes for your site.  After earning a good number of minutes you can also buy an upgrade to the site where you can control where the referrer of the site originates because using it as a free member, the traffic that the site provided will mark as hitleap thus not good for the ads you have in your site because most of it bans immediately if the traffic referrer comes from hitleap. Better upgrade if you really need the traffic to be different in the referrer. Hitleap viewer provides you easier way in earning minutes just leave the app running and the viewer do its job. Hitleap is very useful site for traffic uses, provides you traffic which you can have the referrer to be modified, so far hitleap is still the best site to promote your site, giving you good traffic, eases your work and providing you more visitors.   

Hitleap Payment Proof (Website traffic tool)
Hitleap Payment Proof

Hitleap Dashboard Earning and Minutes

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  3. hitleap and bighits4u are top website traffic exchange site where as superfastviews is best exchange for high quality high retention views for youtube videos.

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