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Ebony Lounge Review and Price – Cinema For Couples

GIP Ebony Private Lounge Review & Price - Cinema For Couples
GIP The great India place Mall 
TGIP Ebony Private Lounge Review
Gip ebony lounge is a Best cinema for watching movie with your girl friend. I haven’t seen any other cinema like gip because it’ s gives you double joint seats means almost a bed with just single button you will also convert into a sofa with same button. There have one more feature it will gives you two bed sheets and sides are almost covered with long wood (curtains)  means other person can’t see or watch you & distance between your bed to other bed is almost 1-2 Meters.
tgip ebony lounge ticket price
tgip ebony lounge ticket Counter
tgip ebony lounge theatre: It’s very good place to spend some quality or private time with your girlfriend nobody can disturb you. it’s also give 2 pillow and you will feel like your honeymoon.
tgip ebony lounge theatre
 GIP Ebony Private Lounge Cinema View
 tgip ebony privy lounge
GIP Ebony Private Lounge Cinema Seats 
Gip cinema noida Sector 38 Review: There have botton on side which provides you feature to call helper or waiter. In interval waiter came to your seat and you can place order there helper and waiters are very friendly. They will not disturb you they will came on interval only or if you push or click side button.
Gip ebony privy lounge seats
GIP Ebony Private Lounge Couples Seat
Tgip ebony lounge review: Gip ebony lounge has tickets for couples and single person but tickets are little bit costly is around 1800-2000 for couples and 450-900 for single seat. I will suggest bought couple seat because if would you like to watch movie on single seat so it’s waste or money. so go and surprise your girlfriend or wife & spend romantic moments.

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  1. Dude is it safe?like no cameras or anything?and can i do anythng with my gf i mean not dat thing..but rest else.?reply asap.

  2. Can you please send a proper pic of the couple seats because I cannot see any proper partition in the above pics..

  3. I will update couple seats very soon.

  4. Is blanket costs extra or included in the ticket price??

  5. No, blanket costs include with ticket.

  6. Whats the price of the couple ticket

  7. What about non couple seats do they have partition ?

  8. is it open on week day too ot only on weekend

  9. @saurav sharma: You can see above images for Single seats there is no partition and @jati gera they are open all days.

  10. meals price included in ticket price?

  11. Can I watch movie in non private section i am asking will I be close to my partner if watch it on non privy section

  12. I never watched movie on Normal seats so i can't tell you.@Rajesh no meals price not included with ticket price.

  13. Can you post a proper pic for the couple seats. I want to see the partition like u said.

  14. Is there any age ristriction …do they ask for any I'd proof if couple go there …

  15. Okay.. And are the shows available for all days of the week?
    Because I can't see the shows on bookmyshow except for Sat or Sunday.

  16. When i will go next time, I will take proper picture of couples seats.

  17. @Manan Gaur There is no age restriction.

  18. how can buy online couple seat. .
    because online Showing only a single seat.

  19. Which is the nearest metro station?

  20. How to reach there from noida sec 18 i want to know the approx distance?

  21. How to reach there from janak puri

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. how we book couple seats?? plzz tell me bro..

  24. any idea if they have camera's (night vision) in theater like PVR?

    Second, did you feel uncomfortable sometime as in someone was watching you or came to disturb you? Or any cop problem?

    Is it completely safe from any weird situation?

    And anyother place like this? for couples to enjoy?

  25. @St It's complacently safe for couples and i will update other places very soon.

    @ Unknown Just Book tickets through Bookmyshow

  26. can we book Ebony Privy lounge tickets from book my show??

  27. Great Place to watch movie….total privacy…seats with great level of comfort…..bit costly tickets but a great place to watch a movie if u want privacy

    • the concept is soo good. I have personally visited the venue recently and enjoyed alot. you can hug your wife and can njoy the best moments. However its little costly but the moments spent are awsmm.

  28. Do I need to book single privy ticket fr me and my gf
    Or I will have to buy two tickets?

  29. Hiii Mr.Raman ji ..
    Please confirm us about proper address according to metro…
    And please update the private seat pics which is coverd around of seats..
    How much total cost of visit there as a couple if we are coming there…only for tickets…??????

  30. Hiii, frinds
    this ankit am going to this place for next month with my girlfriend so suggest to me please it’s safe to privacy.

  31. price of couple ticket are 1800?

  32. Can anybody tell me if there are night visions cams installed or not?

    I’ll be thankfull.:)

  33. Hi , i am going yo see with my girlfriend but i am not sure about seats because as we see in pics there is distance between two seats because of broad hand handels. They are not looking joint seats. I want to spend some personal time with my girlfriend so i dont want any distance between me and her. Kindly tell me the seat pattrren of ebony privy. Thanks

  34. Plz any one upload the pic of couple seat.

  35. Sir i want some privacy with my gf .so is that a perfect place with my gf. .in some comment i read that there always book backward seat for our privacy movent. I think there is same level of comfotable from first to lastt row..and also suggest me the way get to that cinema .nd price nd time.

  36. Bro i want to know theat is it real

  37. If my seats are B1 and B2 in private lounge, and if I am Getting cozy wid my GF, den the behind seater A1 and A2 can have a Look to make us uncomfortable. Or there is privacy options so dat v feeL comfortable?? Plzz reply

  38. The best movie hall I have ever witnessed in my life for couples. The best of all. I enjoyed every single second of it. Nobody disturbs you. Nobody makes u feel uncomfortable. U can do watever you wanna do with your bf/gf. Even sex is possible there what else do you need. Two bed sheets to cover yourself. No disturbance by the guards or theatre peiplle no camers nothibg. Total pricacy guaranteed. I cisited just today and I m way too much happy with my experience with zbig Cinemas TzGIP. Loved it. Thinking of going again in near future.

  39. Hello,can anyone elaborate on the partitions between two couple chairs? are there any curtains or something???

  40. Can i kiss my girlfriend there ? No issues right ?

    • Bro u can do watever u feel like doing there with your girlfriend…..no issues in that and there is complete partition in between two seats ….the couple sitting beside u cant see u…..do watever you wanna do there….

  41. Hey I want to know that 1800-2000 is for both the person or stag entry is 1800-2000 …??
    And I want to more things about this from if its possible then can uh mail me personally plz its imp.for me…??

  42. Show me copule seat pic

  43. Hi Raman, just want to know is there any age limit if the movie is not R rated or something like that

  44. Ye….ak hi seat lenii hotii hai ya do…ahhi bahubali ki tickt h 750 ki….to ak lenii hai ebony privy ki ya do

  45. How book copoll set

  46. how many couple ticket price in ebony privy

  47. Is there any other cinema with such a privacy, if I couldn’t find tickets for this one ?

  48. hii
    wanna know how to book couple ticket online..

  49. On which floor it’s stablish?

  50. I need proper location and address

  51. Plz cinema number

  52. Please confirm couple seat ka price kya h with blanket and koi disturb krne bala issue to ni h and booking k lie kya krna hoga please confirm becoz my gf birthday is coming so suprice krna h use YHA lake

  53. Please confirm couple seat with blanket ticket price kya h and booking k lie kya krna hoga and my gf birthday is coming to use suprice krna h YHA lake koi disturb krne bala to issue ni h YHA ham kuch bhi kre koi probllm to ni h

  54. How can we book ticket for the same? As online it shows single available tickets. Is their anyone who can guide?

  55. Hi,
    Has anyone recently gone to Ebony Lounge for movies? They have changed the direction of the screen and now privy seats are at front rather than at back. Is there the same privacy as before? Moreover, which side is far from the entry side, right or left?

  56. Raman bhai ticket kaha se book karen ya counter pr hi mil jayega

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