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Adhitz review and scam network no Payment Proof

Adhitz review and scam network no Payment Poof
Adhitz review and scam network no Payment Proof

Adhitz Full Review


Hello readers, today I am writing about adhitz which is cpc ad network as I always say that I test all networks by myself. So here is a full review of adhitz so it’s scam network. Please don’t join it.


I joint adhitz in 2012 but I didn’t place codes on my websites last month on November 2015. I placed codes on my site and made $130 in November and $180 in December. So I was waiting for payment of November they said “If the 20th happens to fall on a weekend or US Holiday, payments will be processed on the next business day.” But my account was banned on 17th of December. so it’s first point of scam network they didn’t warn me or didn’t gave any alert of traffic quality or any other issue they just banned your account when your payment date is coming or some network banned the account when you submit ticket.  Those types of networks are scam and think that we drive fake traffic from our sites and they are real & we are fake but it’s proven that it’s fake network because I am already making $100+ per day with cpa, cpc, cpm networks some of the (AdSense, Infolinks, Bidvertiser, Revenuehits, Yeahmobi, Peerfly) and always testing new network and never face any problem with those network.


I am happy because I didn’t lose all my traffic. I just lose $350 and placed the ad only on one site but it’s wasted my 800K Page views and I got nothing and his contact support also did help us they just told me that my traffic is not real and I think that Google and other network never told me about my traffic quality because my traffic is coming from Google but maybe adhitz is right hahahahaha. So guys never go with them. Check blow images proof.





I must say never go with them use Google Adsense (Best Network) and other are InfolinksRevenuehitsBidvertiser and if you want to promote your own chosen offer so go with PeerflyToro Advertiser and if you want to promote mobile offer and interested in mobile cpa, cpi, cpl offer so go with YeahMobi.If you like Pop Up ads so use PopadsEdomz or Popcash But please don’t use adhitz. There have lots of other sites which are giving nice payout but above mention sites are best.
But if you really want to try Adhitz network so contact them first them place ads and after 2-3 days ask him for quality test because if you didn’t submit any ticket so they think publisher are scam. So contact first then place ads codes.



Adhitz Account Suspended Image Proof
Adhitz Account Suspended Image

Adhitz Dashboard Earning Proofs
Adhitz Payment Proof
Adhitz Payment Proof

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  1. I am member in Bidvertiser & Edomz, I run my classified website. Which one should i select to earn better, my most of traffic comes from India. Please suggest me best option.

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