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How To Download Whatsapp Without Mobile Number?


How To Download Whatsapp Without Mobile Number

How to download Whatsapp Without Mobile Number?

Whatsapp is a social networking site. It is an app through we can interchange messages with our friends in a very easy manner through net connectivity. Not even messages we can ex – change multimedia, songs, videos. The most unique part of this app is that we can send our voice through audio recording and we can get it also from our friends. This app is very easy and most convenient to use. The best part of this is it does not sell ads. Whatsapp is a very common app in all age groups. Not even in mediocre people a small kid also knows how to use it and our elder citizens also love to use it. We can make groups on it and can send a message one message to all our friends who are there in group.

 As we use Whatsapp in our smart phones. It is a personal device but anyone can get it and hack it very easily. Even sometimes they can format data of your phone. And after that they can erase it. But you can get your data very easily. But from all such kind of thinks one thing is very different and safe to you is to use Whatsapp without using your mobile number. So here are the following steps regarding How to use Whatsapp without mobile number:

Steps how to use Whatsapp without using mobile number:

1. At first, you have to download Whatsapp in your smart phone, PC and Tablet if you won’t have it.

2. Then Install and launch it.

3. If you are old Whatsapp user check it that you have not verified it. If you have verified it then you have to delete your account and install it again.

4. Then you have to download a messaging app Text now in your phone. This messaging app will give you a number that you can enter in Whatsapp and verify your account.

5. Now open the app Text Now and compete the setup process. Once it is done Note down the number.

6. Once you have written the number just go to Whatsapp and write the number where so ever you have to do in your phone, PC, Tablet.

7. Then, agree with the terms and conditions applied on it. Then enter your number and the country where you live.

8. Wait for few minutes for SMS verification. As if one it fails. Click on the call option to get a call from Whatsapp.

9. Then open your app Text Now the call will be coming. Pick it up and listen the verification code it speak numerous times and write it somewhere.

10. Then enter the six digit verification code on Whatsapp.

11. After entering it the process will be complete and you can start up your Whatsapp without using your mobile number or sim card.

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