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Best Top 5 Free Video Converter Software For Windows


Best Top 5 Free Video Converter Software For Windows

In today’s hectic life we deal with many issues which baffle us. Getting stuck with our important videos is one of those. We record videos, share videos, store videos. Many times we record with our phones. Sometimes we prefer to use our camera and other such devices. After recording, we consider them to store. We try to shift all of them to one place. Oops! ‘Format is not supported?’ We usually face this problem and to solve this problem we need to change our videos to a compatible format which can be read by all the devices whether our mobile phones, windows, Linux or Mac. In order to change the format of our essential videos we require a good video converter. Today, here I’ll be giving you suggestions about video converters which you may use to convert your video stuffs. List as follows:

 1. HANDBRAKE – We stumble upon many but give this tool the first place. This software works very smooth and not only it does the job of video converting but it has many other features and functions as well. Handbrake can perform converting and transcoding. It is free and has potential to work cross platform. HANDBRAKE is also a DVD ripping tool. Which gives it reason to be rated high.


 2. Freemake Video Converter – Another we have here is a completely free tool which can convert videos for you in many different formats. It has more than 200 possible converting format options. Freemake video converter has a clean and nice interface which allows us to easily convert videos. This software is highly customizable according to your needs. It comes with many other things to perform as well, which might be useful for you. It supports windows platform.

Free Make Video Converter

 3. MPEG Streamclip – A fast and flexible video converter for windows. MPEG Streamclip has unique set of options. It has a video player also but for converting purpose. MPEG Streamclip allows you to do more than just converting; it can copy, paste and trim your videos. It is swift in its job and is popular among the users.

MPEG Streamclip

4. Format Factory – As the name suggests it is highly abandoned in formats. Format Factory gives you complete freedom to convert your videos and  It primarily  supports the MPG, MP4, MP3, AVI, 3GP, OGG, BMP, TIF, TGA, ICO, WMA, SWF, FLV, JPG, WMV and a lot more format options. Format Factory has an option to reduce the file size also. It is the richest tool in this category.

Format Factory

5. SUPER  – Lastly in the category we have an underrated tool to convert your videos. It probably doesn’t have the clean interface but it performs very well as far as the trans-coding of the videos is concerned. SUPER is free entirely and has a number of advanced setting which gives you grip on your videos. It has some powerful and effective options which make it stand apart in the category. SUPER has everything or perhaps more than that you’ll ever need.

Next time you ever are struggling with your videos to convert them. Do consider upon the soft wares motioned in the above.

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