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12 Hidden YouTube Secrets – That You Must See


12 Hidden YouTube Secrets - That You Must Watch

12 Hidden YouTube Secrets – That You Must See

Here, we are going to tell you 12 hidden you tube secrets. These all are present in YouTube search pages or hidden pages. When you will search you will notice something different on the screen. These hidden you tube secrets which are there on YouTube to provide some fun to the users. So, let’s get to know some of them:

1. Open the YouTube in that we have keyboard shortcuts if you will press these letters what will happen on the video:

a. K will stop your video.

b. J will rewind your video by about 10 second’s interval.

c. L wills faster your video after 10 seconds.

d. M will mute your audio. If you don’t want to hear anyone you can press it.

e. N will move to the next video in the queue line.

f. Shift + P you can go the previous video.

2. Now if you are typing on YouTube Use the Force Luke it will make your screen shift side by side, up and down. The videos will be shown with using The Stars Wars Effect. You will get to notice a wavy effect on the screen.

3. On the YouTube screen if you type do the Harlem shake, The YouTube will hormone shake and the screen will also shake it will be of a little fun.

4. Now type doge meme into the search bar and you will see multi colors. Such color will look very beautiful. This is a very lovable and good feature of hidden secrets of YouTube.

5. Sometimes you will not feel to use your mouse; you get rid, lazy or bore from it. Type in youtube.com/lean back and now you can navigate and use it only using the keyboard with the onscreen button comments.

6. Now you can type Geek week on YouTube and you will get a geekiest layout.

7. If you type an ssyoutube.com/video by this you can download your favorite videos and show it to others. Or you can put it on your USB and TV.

8. Now you type and search Web driver Torso in search box. The page will show you a red background and it will show you a blue rectangle around some videos.

9. Open the screen and type youtube.com/test tube this will allow you to test the coming YouTube features. Whenever a new thing will come you will get to know this is a much updated hidden secrets of YouTube.

10. Now type mooma.sh you can copy and paste. You can rectify any songs in the video that you love. If you love nay songs from the video you can copy that. This is a very interesting feature of hidden YouTube secrets.

11. Open the YouTube now type beams me up Scotty. The results on the screen will be shown in the classic form. It will set phrases and this will be a great fun.

12. Open the YouTube just type 1980 while watching the video. You don’t have to type it in search box just type it like this and see above the video it will open your Missile game. This is a great fun. It is a nice hidden secret of YouTube.

These all are the best 12 Hidden secrets of YouTube. Check it out and have great fun!

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