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Haider Review (Box Office Collection,story,trailers & cast)

Haider Review (Box Office Collection,story,trailers & cast)
Haider Review
Haider Movie Rating: 3.0/5
Haider Review
The “Haider” film is an adaptation to the book written by Shakespeare “Hamlet”, this book of Shakespeare had been adapted many times by different individual. In this movie the adaptation was quite a real deal when the story takes place to a higher volume of adaptation the stance had a remarkable achievement which gives the audience the intensity to feel a very good movie to watch of.
Haider Review
Haider was full of nice and memorable events and an underlying message, which gives you a long after effect impact after you have left the cinema hall. The director treats the topic of political unrest in Kashmir nicely, and tries not to take sides.  Making it more dramatic and heart touching. The movie also tells how the war had affected lives of the people making them hard to recover like the main character but teaching them a good lesson as well. . This movie has a few minor pitfalls, but otherwise it is a wonderful effort by Bhardwaj, and deserves to be watched. No wonder the director had made a great impact to its audience giving that heart warming feeling and totally worth it to watch, this story also has a bigger scope compared to other books Shakespeare has written. This film really gives hits all the right timing and gives you Goosebumps on several sequence on the screen play, making it to be more perfect played. The main casts are also very good on portraying each role they  played making the film more realistic enough giving sole dramatic feeling, all-in-all the film was really good, based on its adaptation and story line, it is totally worth it to watch the movie, a  thumbs up for this movie.
Haider Trailer cast by Shahid Kapoor & Shraddha Kapoor

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