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Top 5 Best Mobile Tracking Android Apps For Lost Android Device


Top 5 Best Tracking Apps For Lost Android Device

We all know that how much important our phone is to us. We know that in today’s world and in today’s time how much value we give to our phones and how much work we do on them. Well in other language I could say that our phone acts as a mini laptop or computer to us and not only it gives us the medium of communication but also our phone gives us various other important information as well.  And we know that android users have maximum number of shares if you calculate it keeping the total mobile phone users in view. We also protect our phone data and privacy by using various methods such as pattern lock or pin password or various other things. But what if our phone which is so valuable to us what if it gets lost?

So in this article I would tell you about various androids apps and by taking help of these apps you can get back your phone as you can track your phone and after tracking you can get to that person with ease as these apps will help you to locate the correct location of your devise. So the lists of apps are as follows:

1. Where’s My Droid – this is very good software which helps in the tracking of your phone. It is a best android app to track your lost phone and let me tell you that this app won’t disappoint you for sure. this app will work even without internet connection as when you don’t have internet connection than also you can you can trace your mobile as you can send message to your number from your different phone and so that your phone will be tracked by SMS also without the help of internet also.

Where’s My Droid Android App

2. Anti Droid Theft this is the 2nd best android app which can be very useful in detecting your phone location and trusts me that this app won’t disappoint you for sure. These apps just like other one provide you with lot of security and not only security but it also provides you with the perfect location of the device and by getting that you can than track the culprit.

Anti Droid Theft Tracking Andoid App

3 . Seek Droid – it is another android apps which can detect your lost android phone. The main thing about this app that makes it different from other apps is that the user interface of his app is very good and the user interface of this app is very easy also and very simple and people can use this app very easily and even the beginners can also use this app with ease.

Seek Droid Android App

4. Android Device Manager this one is considered as the most fast phone lock tracking app and it can track your songs in seconds. It has the ability to changing your screen lock and it has ability to change your pins and passwords directly. When your phone gets lost it gets activated automatically and let me tell you that this app is very useful and I must recommend you that do install this app.

Android Device Manager App

 5. Prey Anti-theft this is may be the last in the best but trust me this app has some qualities that other apps don’t have and let me tell you that it is one of the widest used app in the android platform and let me tell you that most people use and prefer this app. So I would like to suggest that do try this app definitely and I am sure that you will like the app for sure and check it out.

Prey Anti-theft

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