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Top 5 Android Apps For Learning & Speaking English – 2016


Top 5 apps to learn English

We know in today’s world how important is English for us and we know that we can’t do without English.  And specially English is required if you are looking for a job or if you have sat your goals high and you have a dream of dong a high profile job than you have to be fluent in your English.  People pay high fees and do various things to learn good English but in the age of e-learning it seems very old fashioned now and now there are many new ways to learn and improve your English and you can learn and improve your English from your mobile also. Yes you heard it right, from your mobile.  In this age where everything is getting digital and more advance, same is the case with learning as it has also became advanced. Now you don’t have to take classes or coaching for learning English, you can do that sitting at your home and on the go also. There are many apps which helps you to learn English faster. The list of apps is as follows:

  1. Listen and Speak : This is android software which helps to learn English in a very efficient way. This software also helps you to improve your pronunciation.

Listen & Speak

 2. Busuu:  Bussu  is a very efficient and most popular app which is present on ios and as well as on the android platform and it helps you to learn English faster and not faster but it also helps you to increase you vocabulary.


3. Fluent English: I would like to say that I am not going by any particular order but as the name suggests this helps provide you with maximum opportunity.  In other words you can say that it is an audio book that pronounces words also and help you with your pronunciation.

Fluent English

 4. PvP- Phrasla Verbs:  PvP- Phrasla Verbs this app is very different from other apps as this app works on the phrases and in other words you can say that phrasal verb dictionary that has over 400 verbs.

PvP- Phrasla

5. Guide to English Idioms: this is also a very popular app and it works all together. It has more than more than 1500 idioms to learn from and it is the widely and mostly used app on android platform.

Guide to English Idioms

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