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Top 5 Zip, RAR File Extractor Android Apps


Top 5 Zip File Extractor Android Apps

We all know that you receive many files which are zipped and some files are zipped randomly but some files are zipped for a reason. Now let me give you an example which will provide you with a clear insight. When you receive a confidential file from someone and that files is often zipped one with a password on it. So we all know that importance of zipped files but we need to keep one thing in mind and which is that to open zip files we need to have something like WinZip. We all know that in computers and PCs WinZip are available easily but in today’s world we have zip software’s in mobile phones also and specially on android platforms. Now I will give you some on the android apps by which you can easily extract your zip files and the lists of apps are as follows:

1) 7 Zipper – as the name goes this is a very useful help and it is available on android platform and via it you can download and open you zip files with ease. You can use it very easily and main thing is that it is available on the play store easily and it also doesn’t consume much space in your phone and it’s a leading android apps.

7 Zipper

2) – WinZip – I am sure that you all have heard about this utility as it is the world’s most famous utility to unzip files and this is the most acknowledged utility used worldwide and now it is available on the android platform also. Approximately 50 million users have downloaded this app and which is huge in number. So in my view it is number one app and you must give it a try.


3) Simple Unrar – as the name suggests simple Unrar is a very simple utility which is helpful in unzipping your zipped files and this utility does not occupy much space also as it is a small utility and it just takes few mbs and I can say that this is a best utility after WinZip to unzip you zipped files. So I would like to say that it is a best app and you won’t be disappointed using it.

Simple Unrar

4) B1 Archiver– it is another android app which is used widely to unzip zipped files. Although it is not that famous but still can be used and it’s a easy utility and you can download it easily from Google play store and it is also a very quick utility and it won’t make your phone lag and your wont take the toll as this app is very light. No need to tell that it has a free license and you can easily download it to your phone.

B1 Archiver

5) RAR by RARLAB– this is the most important and most famous tool from which you can unzip your file and let me tell you that it is available on the play store for free. It is the leading android apps and it is widely used in unzipping files and let me tell you that this is a very famous app and it won’t slow your android phone down as the app is very light and very easy to use.


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