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Best Top 6 Password Manager Android Apps


Best Top 6 Password Manager Android Apps

In today’s scenario, when it comes to smart phone safety, the single most important thing any person can do in their phone is the lock device with unique and different pins. As today we have an android phone with us in which we have all secrets in it like photos, messages, data, and many others. So to hide them from other we need a secured app to help us out.

Let’s check out favorite password manager for android below:

1. App Lock – It is the most popular app of android for safety. By app lock you can hide your pictures, contacts, gallery, messenger, SMS, Gmail and any app which you want to hide. It is very simple and convenient to use. The password can be your pattern, pin and name. It takes less storage. It has high range of users which are using it.

App Lock

2. Keeper – This is the world’s best and most relevant popular app. It is in high range downloaded password manager app. Millions of uses use it to save and protect their data and private information, preventing against hackers and data theft from others. The online support of this app is excellent if you have any problem. Unlimited and sync is free during trial period. It is compatible with android and ios.


3. aWallet – It is also the best app for password manager. It securely stores your passwords, credit cards information, e-banking credentials, web accounts and other custom data. This app supports backup and restore of your encrypted data. It does not show any kind of advertisement in it. The best part is that it can unlock with fingerprint. If you ever forgot you password it will easy to find on this app. It takes less storage.


4. Dahlane – It is also a very popular power manager app. It is having very solid and best password security system and it makes simple login to apps and websites. This feature is unique than others including auto – login on websites and apps. In this app you can keep all your passwords at one safe place. Yu can log in to apps and websites just simply in 1 second. All around it is a great app.


5. mSecure – This app is user friendly password manager app. So it is famous app. It uses ultra-secure 256-bit encryption to protect personal information such as account numbers, usernames, and passwords. This app is having it security feature very unique. It is having auto backup to SD card and Email backup. It is a great app that does everything you need. Generates passwords, or create your own. Stores passwords, links, and bank, credit card information if you want. Also easy to Sync & back-up to computer for easy transfer from one phone to another. Keeps everything organized. Great app-highly recommend!


6. RoboForm – This app is very famous in desktop version but he same for it is in android. The unique features of RoboForm include integration for Dolphin and Firefox browsers. The background of the app does not look good but it is very awesome and it gives what you want. It automatically login to web accounts and very easy and convenient to use. You can rely on it for securing your personal data and information.


Try these 4 trusted apps! For securing your data.

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